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October 24, 2022

Thomas M. Barnes, Ph.D.

Dr. Thomas (Tom) M. Barnes is an Entrepreneur Partner at MPM BioImpact. He is the Scientific Advisory Board Chair and former CEO of portfolio company Orna Therapeutics. Tom is a veteran entrepreneur who has turned creative scientific visions into successful businesses for both startups and established organizations, having led platform-based research and drug discovery teams for over 20 years. He has co-founded or helped launch several companies, including Intellia Therapeutics and Eleven Biotherapeutics.

Prior to joining MPM BioImpact, Tom was the Chief Scientific Officer of Intellia Therapeutics (NASDAQ: NTLA). During his tenure there, he built and established the discovery team, and helped raise over $300M over several financings, including Intellia’s IPO. He also led efforts to extend the reach of Intellia’s CRISPR platform into ex vivo delivery. He played a significant role as the main corporate spokesperson to lay and industry press, and to governmental and non-governmental organizations on the rapidly evolving and intensely followed CRISPR landscape.

Tom has wide-ranging knowledge of biological systems through his work across diverse platforms, including gene editing, genomics and gene discovery, small molecule drug repositioning, and protein engineering. Previously, as Vice President of Discovery at Eleven Biotherapeutics, Tom built the and led the research team in creating a novel chimeric cytokine antagonist, as well as novel half-life extension technologies for systemic and topical application. As Senior Vice President and site head of GeneLogic’s drug repositioning division, he oversaw technology platforms in metabolomics, toxicogenomics, gene expression informatics, and the genetics of drug metabolism and transport.

Tom received his Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge, and completed research fellowships at Harvard Medical School and McGill University.